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About The Guitar Den


Hand-Picked Guitars, Amps and Accessories from independent Hampshire guitar shop, The Guitar Den


The Guitar Den is run by guitarist and guitar educator Joe Summerfield, and brings together a totally unique selection of guitars, basses, amps, and accessories.


Every item has been hand-picked for its quality, playability, tone, and beauty - and because there is something special about it. This is guitar equipment at its best and most interesting. I go the extra mile because I love guitars, and want to share the best - it's that simple.


Why Bacchus and Seventy Seven?


I'm very proud that The Guitar Den can offer Bacchus and Seventy Seven guitars, from Japan. To me they represent everything that is amazing about the Japanese guitar making story - unparalleled quality and craftsmanship, and value.


I've always been interested in introducing people to guitars that are a little out of the ordinary - there are some wonderful options out there for players. I spent years trading MIJ instruments, particularly vintage. The guitars are beautiful, and the story behind them fascinating.

Then I came across Bacchus by chance and fell in love. When I found out more about them, and discovered that they were producing traditionally hand crafted instruments in Japan, at around the same price point as a factory produced USA instrument, I had to get involved.

To me, Bacchus and Seventy Seven represent a new chapter in the exciting story of Japanese guitar making. I'm delighted to be able to introduce people to these outstanding guitars. As a player myself, I urge every guitarist and bassist to check them out!


Why Matamp?


I have personally played Matamps since 2002. They're hand made in the UK and the build quality is second to none; but what I really love is the tonal character of Matamp amplifiers. They are extremely responsive to the dynamics of your playing, the mids are very rich and full, and the sound kicks right through the mix - in a live band situation, there is nothing better.


Matamp amplifiers have been being made by hand in a small workshop Huddersfield since 1958. Having designed and built the legendary Orange amps of the 60's to early 70's, Matamp has played a major role in forming the British rock sound. I feel delighted and privileged to be working with Matamp, helping players find killer tone.


Be sure to check out the Matamp range here, and get in touch if you have any questions.


Guitar Lessons


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