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This revolutionary rig gives you quality and versatility like no other amp. Whether you wish to emulate classic tones, or design your own unique sound, you will find yourself in sonic heaven with the Filthy rig. Available in Brown or Black oil finish.

Endless Possibilities
Whole Amp Channel Switching One amp for clean one amp for lead, nothing could be simpler. Forget channels, you can really dial in the tone this way.

Clean and Dirty!
Add extra definition to your sumptuous overdrive tone by over-laying an all valve crystal clean sound.

Filthy Dirty!
Get a MASSIVE tone, turn up the gain on the cleaner amp whilst playing through the two characteristically different amps.

Wet/Dry Rig
Use the effects loop (no need for buffering, as the preamp is on the floor next to your pedals!) to insert your time-based effects into one of the amps so you can have a cleaner effects signal path whilst keeping the other amp for the Filth.

Real Stereo
Plug your time-based effects into both effects loops.

Producers Tip...
Use one amp clean but very dynamic and touch sensitive, use the other clean but compressed. This will keep you firmly in the mix when playing with a band but still retain the real character from the dynamic amp.

Filthy Amplification Full Rig

  • Product Info

    Filthy Pre 2 Amplifier
    Filthy Organic Power Amplifier
    112 Cab
    115 Cab
    Eminence Reignmaker Speaker
    Eminence 1518
    Interconnect lead 4 metres
    3m speaker lead
    300mm speaker lead

    Dimensions and Weights:

    115 cab loaded with speaker and Organic power amp: 25.4kg, 640mm(H) x 500mm(W) x 300mm(D)

    112 cab loaded with speaker: 10.2kg, 440mm(H) x 380mm(W) x 320mm(D)

    Pre2: 7.8kg, 120mm(H) x 405mm(W) x 260mm(D)